Infinite Ballers philosophy believes there are Infinite stories inside every Athlete. Their journey is more than professional contracts, big accomplishments, or shortcomings that might have stained their career.
Our mission is bringing out the beauty of the human story from within athletes’ lives. Beyond the game, through the game.

  • “The most powerful thing about football is that it can connect the world, we don’t even need to know the language. Just give me a ball and we will talk away”

    - Marko Tolić

  • “Family is my motivation, I lost my father when I was young, I wasn't entirely sure what was going on around me. Seeing my mother provide for my sister and I was my inspiration. She did everything possible to provide the basic stuff and my football boots.”

    - Filip Benković

  • “No matter what happens, make sure you are being useful to something greater than yourself.”

    - Harry Nerrow

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Infinite Ballers in Croatia