Infinite Ballers help football players grow in various aspects.

We educate players through consulting about their relationships with agents, coaches, and clubs. Also, player promotion, mental preparation, physical preparation, and are the key things we do in order for a player to succeed.

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Infinite Ballers philosophy believes there are Infinite stories inside every Athlete. Their journey is more than professional contracts, big accomplishments, or shortcomings that might have stained their career.
Our mission is bringing out the beauty of the human story from within athletes’ lives. Beyond the game, through the game.

Ballers App! - Social media app for footballers

Guys, our partners from Ballers App just launched a new social media app for footballers. 

Who is this app for?

⚽️ High-level amateurs and professional players 

⚽️ Youth Academy players

⚽️ Coaches and scouts

Benefits of the app:

✅ Improving training quality

✅ Scouting young potential players

✅ New ideas

✅ Communication with others in the football industry

"You don't want to look back and know you could have done better."

Baller's Quotes

“Family is my motivation, I lost my father when I was young, I wasn't entirely sure what was going on around me. Seeing my mother provide for my sister and I was my inspiration. She did everything possible to provide the basic stuff and my football boots.”
Filip Benković - Infinite Ballers - Leicester
Filip Benković
“The most powerful thing about football is that it can connect the world, we don’t even need to know the language. Just give me a ball and we will talk away”
Tolić Dinamo - Infinite Ballers
Marko Tolić
“No matter what happens, make sure you are being useful to something greater than yourself.”
Harry Nerrow - Infinite Ballers
Harry Nerrow

We created Infinite Ballers merch in order to be a part of your journey as our goal is to step on various football fields around the world. You can make it come trough.