The History

How and where we have started?

Infinite Ballers is an athletic apparel brand as well as a football player development firm. The company is based out of Boston, USA, and was created in 2020 by 3 friends, Moran Cerkez, Ivan Blaskic, and Andres Ruiz. In the first year of operation, we enjoy support from athletes of different levels and ages. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make innovative, quality products available to our customers at affordable rates . By direct import, promotion, marketing, excellent after-sales service, we are striving to achieve our goals.
We work with footballers in Youth systems, college soccer systems, and those playing at the professional level. Some of the 8allers are playing in the most prestigious competitions in Europe, such as Champions League and Europa League.

Our Team

There are already numerous Infinite Ballers all around the world. Some of them play in the most prestigious competitions such as the Europa League, Premier League, and many others.

Become a part of the community which supports each member and values their vision.

What we believe in

There are infinite stories inside every athlete. Their journey is more than professional contracts, big accomplishments, or shortcomings that might have stained their career. Our mission is to bring out the beauty of the human story from within athletes’ lives. Beyond the game, through the game.

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