Football Players Diet – PRO/Semi-Pro


Nutrition is one of the key things when it comes to recovery and progress in football.

When you miss important nutrients in your diet, your body recovers takes more time to recover and get prepared for the next training session.
You often don’t feel this because you have been missing them your whole life.

Once you decide to eat like a PRO footballer, you will notice the difference in your speed to recover and to push further with your activities.

The nutrition plan will help you increase the speed of recovery and help you with focus as you won’t be tired as you used to be.
It takes time to adapt and your body to react to changes so nothing will happen overnight.

In this plan, you will get a guide with our coaches and they will lead you through it.

We care about your eating preferences, so having a chat with you will help us together create the ideal nutrition plan.

Who this is for?

This plan is for:

  • Footballers/soccer players who want to take their carrier to the next level.
  • Players who want to put extra effort
  • Players who are moving from amateur to SEMI-PRO or PRO phase of playing football



Football Players Diet

Our coach Bence helps create personalized programs for nutrition.

Once you decide to order a plan, coach Bence will reach out to you via email or WhatsApp.

Also, you can send a message to your coach any time you need him. 😄

This plan is NOT for:

  • Players that don’t want to make a change in their carrier
  • Lazy players
  • Players that don’t want to learn and grow

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