White T-Shirt – In Beat Win Collection


Our Unisex shirts are made of top-quality cotton and boasting a modern cropped length and tight fit, this tee will take your look to the next level.


  • Designed for breathability & stretch

95% Cotton

5% Elastane



Our male model is 182 cm wearing size L


Made in Croatia.

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White T-Shirt

Infinite Ballers is a Powerful Brand with New Approach to Fashion. Our Intension is to See and Think Beyond the Game. The Prints that We wear, Tell our Story and the story impacts others. Tell a story, Wear The Story.

In Beat Win white t-shirt was designed to transmit a powerful message.

The HeartBeat signs on the back represent a journey of life. It starts with a small contraction followed by Ups and Downs in life. The true value of Infinite Ballers philosophy is that the message and influence You have been transmitting through Your life reaches far beyond your imagination.

“Tell a Story, Wear a Story.”

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